About Milestones Pediatric Therapy Services

Our Clinical Philosophy

Families and caregivers are valued as core members of the therapeutic team and are strongly encouraged to actively participate in the assessment process and each treatment session. Supportive, nurturing and respectful relationships between the child, parents, therapists, and peers are considered to be an essential component in order for children to reach their potential through intervention. Assessment and treatment techniques are based upon a relationship-based developmental model. Treatment goals are developed with the intent of moving a child through typical stages of cognitive, speech, language, motor, sensory, and play development. An individualized, systematic treatment plan is developed for each child based upon his or her unique developmental profile. Collaboration with other professionals is critical in order to understand the child as a whole. Continuing education is viewed as a necessary component for the therapeutic growth of our therapists. Community support and education is important for increased public awareness. Most importantly, we believe treatment should be a FUN, POSITIVE, and REWARDING experience for all!

Our Team

Chanda J. Neu, M.S., CCC-SLP Clinical Director, Speech Language Pathologist The director of Milestones Speech and Language Services, P.L.L.C., Chanda Neu is a licensed speech language pathologist in the states of Idaho and Washington. She earned her Master of Science degree in Communication Disorders from Eastern Washington University in 1998 and her ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence in 1999. She received the “Outstanding Graduate Award” from Eastern Washington University upon the completion of her master’s degree. Chanda has worked intensively with children who have a wide range of communication disorders in progressive private practice settings in Seattle, WA. She is passionate about providing high quality pediatric intervention services with an emphasis on building strong, respectful relationships. She opened Milestones Speech and Language Services, PLLC in 2004 in order to provide high quality services in a setting which could provide the flexibility to meet the specific and unique characteristics and needs of each family. Chanda specializes in working with children who have moderate to sever social-communication disorders which are commonly present in children with autism spectrum disorders, sensory integration and regulatory disorders, verbal dyspraxia, dysarthria, and other related disorders. She has experience developing intensive in-home treatment programs utilizing a variety of treatment techniques such as DIR©/Floor Time™, SCERTS, PECS, social stories, pivotal response training, discrete trial teaching, positive behavioral modification techniques, and other speech and language strategies. Chanda is Level II certified in Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonemic Targets (PROMPT) and has completed Level I of the Developmental Individual-Difference Relationship (DIR©) model certificate program. She also has experience lecturing on autism and supervising graduate student clinicians at Ohio University, Eastern Washington University, and Idaho State University. She served as treasurer on the Autism Society of Washington Board of Directors for 3 years and is currently actively involved with The ISSAC Foundation.